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I Make Announcements

Tweet You have a dream you win tonight Take the chance, Take the chance * Hey, y’all! Don’t forget. Tuesday, October 2, is the deadline for submitting your haikus to win the fabulous Las Vegas prize package. Are you gonna roll over and let Cardiogirl and Kathy win EVERYTHING? That’s fine with me, but I’m […]


I Had an Allergic Reaction

Tweet And the pills I took Made my fingers disappear * I’m sure many of you are just gonna skip right over this post, because, you figure, BO-RING, who hasn’t had an allergic reaction at some time in their lives? Well, if you stick around, smart-ass, I’ll tell you. ME, that’s who! True. I’ve never, […]


I Went to Vegas (part 1)

Tweet I feel so tired But I smile so wide* And, as promised, there are prizes! But first you have to listen to me whine about how tiring it all was. Don’t get me wrong: it was a lot of fun. We had some delicious meals, shopped (I finally caved and bought a CSI T-shirt: […]


I Got Tagged

Tweet And if the devil is 6 Then God is 7 * I have been tagged with the “7 P’s meme” by dcr Blogs. YESSSSSSSS! My first meme. Or bleme, I should say. And a perfect topic for an absentee post. (Remember, y’all, I’m in Vegas right now!) Anyway, my interpretation of the 7 P’s […]


I’m Goin’ to Vegas

Tweet Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn So get those stakes up higher * And I’m coming back with prizes for three lucky I Do Things readers. More on that when I return. This will be the fourth time my mom and I have “done” Vegas. “Doing” Vegas for us means […]


Tweet Let hands be shook Champagne poured Sentence ignored Yes! I’ve come for my award A big thanks to dcr Blogs, who was kind enough to present this award to me on behalf of my willingness to do things so you don’t have to. I knew it would pay off! I’m in good company. Four […]



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