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I Punctuate Things

Tweet Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon You come and go, you come and go We Need, Commas. There used to be a small grocery store in Evanston I walked by just to look at the display of giant turtles. You know, those slabs of chocolate and caramel and pecans too delicious to need a […]


Tweet With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high tension wires down* When I first started reading about Cloverfield, I thought it would be fun to write about how the Internet People have infiltrated movie marketing, creating so much buzz and hype before anything of substance has even been released, […]


I Zumba

Tweet The feeling in your soul is gonna take control Nothing can hold you back if you really want it* 2 Million People 30 Countries 3,000 Gyms and Dance Studios In this revolution . . . everybody wins! Pulsing Latin beats. Shiny, slippery bodies twisting and undulating. Taut abs, rock-hard butts, sinewy arms. Sweat glistening […]


Tweet Feet don’t fail me now Stop pretending that you’ve gone to sleep* In 2000, I joined four friends to walk sixty miles over three days. By doing this, I raised $4,805 for the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. And then I did it again in 2001. And again in 2002. And . . . […]


Tweet Catch, catch, my horror taxi I fell in love with a video nasty* To avoid fainting, keep repeating, “It’s only a movie . . . it’s only a movie . . .” The Challenge As all true horror buffs know, The Last House on the Left (1972) is a must-see cult classic. More a […]


I Went to a Nude Beach

Tweet Come my little peach, Together we’ll go down to nude beach . . .* “What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?” —Michelangelo Clearly Michelangelo has never been […]



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