I Got Tagged

And if the devil is 6
Then God is 7


I have been tagged with the “7 P’s meme” by dcr Blogs. YESSSSSSSS! My first meme. Or bleme, I should say. And a perfect topic for an absentee post. (Remember, y’all, I’m in Vegas right now!)

Anyway, my interpretation of the 7 P’s is as follows:

My 7 Favorite Bands Starting with “P”:
My 7 Favorite Foods Starting with “P”:
My 7 Favorite Songs Starting with “P”:
My 7 Favorite Movies Starting with “P”:
  • Parenthood
  • Planet of the Apes (original)
  • Play It Again, Sam
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Poseidon Adventure
  • Psycho
  • Pulp Fiction
My 7 Favorite TV Shows Starting with “P”:
My 7 Favorite Words Starting with “P”:
  • Paisley
  • Peace
  • Pitchfork
  • Placate
  • Porphyria
  • Priapism
  • Puff
The Top 7 Google Hits for “7 P’s”:

I’m tagging:



One Man’s Goal

* Today’s lyrics are courtesy of the Pixies (See how I worked in a “P” and a “7″?)

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6 Responses to “I Got Tagged”

  1. 1 Joanne

    Niiiice job in Personalizing your 7 P’s!!

    Haha, no peanuts in your pad thai? But aren’t there peanuts in the sauce? I’m guessing you just mean no whole peanuts? I wonder if this means your a creamy (instead of crunchy) peanut butter person. Mmmm, I love stuff simmered in a crockpot! It’s really convenient as well. And, my favorite pancakes are banana walnut pancakes =) …raw potatoes?!

    (hm, seems like I’ve nothing else to say but something about FOOD, haha)

  2. 2 dcr


  3. 3 JD

    dcr: Yay! Glad you think so!

  4. 4 JD

    Joanne: you can talk about food with me ANYtime. Yeah, peanuts are a weird food item for me. I don’t mind the peanut sauce in dishes but hate encountering a peanut in anything but a Snicker’s bar or Pixie. And I luuuurve peanut butter–creamy or crunchy.

    Raw potatoes! Ya gotta try ‘em. Actually, I haven’t eaten those since I was a kid. Maybe we were poor or something? I just remember really enjoying a nice, crunchy slice of raw potato. Doesn’t really sound that great now that I think about it. Maybe with some peanut butter?

  5. 5 Miki

    so, rolando tagged me with this meme when i first started my new blog and i said to him “drat you! this is a hard meme! what a bane of meme-ness!” and i have been putting it off ever since.

    but then i saw your post and again i said “oh, well look what she did! so clever! so creative! that makes it easier to do the 7 P’s thing…but oh wait, so many P’s!”

    and then you tagged me! But maybe you can also inspire me and I’ll just flip this meme around and make it my own :).

    P.S. And I so love Project Runway. “Make it Work!”
    and have you caught episodes of ‘Top Chef’? Just the same, but with cooking…so much food drama!

  6. 6 JD

    Miki: Heh – “bane of meme-ness”!!! And here I thought I was so lucky to get tagged! You’re right – there are FAR too many P’s. I started out thinking I was going to do something short and sweet. HA! As if I could ever do that. I’m sure you can come up with something good – you have that creative knitter’s mind.

    LOVE! Top Chef. I was devastated to see C.J. “knifed.” I think if Top Chef somehow could get Tim Gunn as a judge/mentor it would be the number one show in all the land.


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