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Must Have Gadgets for 2015


Today, technology drives everything from smartphones to security devices that help to protect our homes and businesses. In a world where everyone relies on technology not only to make work easier but also to entertain themselves, gadget makers are producing new ones everyday.

Years ago, a keyboard and mouse was the best technology people owned and from then on, new gadgets with touch screen and virtual reality capability have been developed.



Below Are Must Have Gadgets For 2015.

Magic Cube Laser Keyboard

This is a virtual keyboard that is projected from a tiny portable gadget onto a flat surface such as the top of a desk. As a virtual keyboard, the only hardware present is the tiny gadget with a projector. The best thing about the device is that it is futuristic and helps to create a beautiful effect on your desk when you use it.

The device has bluetooth connectivity therefore the user can be able to connect with other devices that have and do not have keyboards. These devices can include smartphones, tablets, phablets and even all in one desktop computers.

Seagate 7

In the early 60s and 70s, a simple drive having a capacity of 5 MB was the size of most large rack housings that provides space for today’s servers. Over the years, the size of the hard disk has reduced greatly from a large device that was carried around on a truck to a small portable device.

The Seagate 7 is one of the thinnest hard drive and has a thickness of 7 mm which is suitable for slipping into the pocket or even a bag. It has a capacity of 500 GB which is perfect for storing pictures, music, documents and movies especially when you are on the go.

The Ring

Although it is shaped like a ring and is named the Ring, it is not the same ring that Frodo carried to Mordor. The ring is a wearable device that allows the user to become a wizard. The Ring allows the user to control curtains at home and even turn on the TV among others.

The Ring is a gesture controlled device which can be programmed with many actions. In order to control other devices with the ring, all you need to do is wave your finger around.

Skybell Wifi Security Gadget

The Skybell security gadget is a wifi enabled video door bell that enables the user to know who is buzzing at the door. All the user needs to do is press on the gadget and your smartphone will notify and allow you to see who is at the door. This is achieved when it creates live feed between the doorbell and the smartphone or tablet.

It is designed to work with an app that can run on both iOS and Android enabled devices.

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is designed to monitor the user’s home appliances and inform the user’s the amount of energy that is consumed. All this is possible since the device is wifi enabled therefore it can connect with other devices via your home network.

It has simple interface which allows the user to either turn on and off the electronic appliances such as the TV, heaters, air conditioners and the iron.

In conclusion, technology today has made life easier by providing gadgets that not only improve the way people interact with others but how users interact with the gadgets too. There are several must have gadgets for 2015 and they include the Skybell wifi enabled door bell, the Smart switch and the Magic Cube laser virtual keyboard among others.

Learn HTML With These Simple Steps

There are many different types of skills that people can learn on the Internet today. In fact, people can learn a wide variety of different things online by taking specific kinds of online training classes and curriculums. Therefore, many individuals and organizations have posted videos and instructions online that people can follow to learn how to make repairs on an automobile, how to fix plumbing in the home, how write effective communication, how to find the best tools for making certain repairs in the home, and the like. The Internet has also become a great place in which to learn how to write HTML code. So, for people who are interested in learning HTML without a lot of unnecessary hassle, here’s 3 simple steps that can assist an individual with learning how to write HTML code fluently and within the shortest time frame.



Step 1: Start With a Basic File

There are many different ways to teach HTML to people who want to learn it. Some of the methods are easy, while others can make it hard for an individual to learn how to write the code. So, one of the simplest ways to learn how to write the code for HTML is to use an example of the basic file to learn by. Which means, the instructor normally recommends providing their students with a basic HTML code that they can use to make modifications. For instance, here’s a sample of a basic file listed below.

Step 2: Choose A web Browser

The second step in this learning process is to choose a web browser to run the code. For instance, the individual may choose one of the following to work within. Samples of the most commonly used browsers include Finder on the Mac, Windows Explorer, and Ubuntu. This browser will be used to submit the HTML code to create the web page.


Step 3: Make Modifications to Learn

Once the student has access to a basic html file and has chosen a web browser, the next step in this instructional process is to begin to experiment. This task involves making simple changes to the HTML file to see what it looks like in a web page format. For instance, in the scenario listed above, the student should modify the terms ‘This is a page’ to This is my Webpage. Once this change has been made, it should be submitted through the web browser that’s selected to see what the new page looks like. After the student has mastered this basic assignment, they can begin to do other modifications, step by step in order to learn the entire process.


Learning HTML does not have to be a difficult undertaking if the person follows the simple steps listed above. These steps can assist an individual in walking through the entire process in order to learn the basics. Once the student has learned the basic elements of making changes and how the fundamentals how it works, they can follow the instructions in their online learning guide to build upon what they have already learned.

12 Technology Blogs to Follow

Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult, and understanding what all of the jargon means can often be even harder. Therefore, it’s a great help that there are a variety of technology blogs out there to keep you abreast of all the latest news and developments. Here are 12 technology blogs that you should definitely be following.


Blog key on a keyboard.

The Best Technology Blogs

1) All About Microsoft

If you need to know anything about Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley’s blog on ZDNet, All About Microsoft, is the place to go. She covers all the latest news and has also authored a book on Microsoft.

2) Geek Speak

Geek Speak is the ideal blog for tech-heads, and they combine blog posts with a forum so everyone can get involved. If you’re looking for discussion and valuable information, you’ll find it at Geek Speak.



3) Manufacturing Geek

Interested in manufacturing? Manufacturing Geek may be the blog for you. They focus on how technology has changed and continues to shape the workplace.

4) Packet Life

Jeremy Stretch, a network engineer, runs the popular blog Packet Life. He started the blog with the intention of it being somewhere to keep his notes for a Cisco certification, however, his musings also attracted interest from the wider community.

5) IT Pro Guru

Dan Stolts is a technology strategist at Microsoft and president of Boston User Groups – so he knows what he’s talking about. He covers a variety of topics for IT experts and engineers at IT Pro Guru.



6) A Screw’s Loose

Brian Crouch calls himself a “nutter” but his blogging at A Screw’s Loose proves he is much more than that. He predominantly concentrates on enterprise mobility.

7) Yellow Bricks

Yellow Bricks is run by Duncan Epping, the chief technologist at VMWare. He looks at virtualization and, with his background, he is as trustworthy as anybody.

8) Tech Bunny

Jennelle Crothers is the Tech Bunny. She works at Microsoft and covers everything tech-related on her blog which has grown in popularity since it was started in 2006.

9) Netwrix Corporation Blog

The Netwrix Corporation Blog combines a blog and a forum and is a bustling internet community. Tackling topics such security and compliance, this site is worth a visit.


10) Sport Techie

Sport Techie is one for the sports fans out there. They investigate how technology has impacted the sports industry. Their focus is mainly on American sports.

11) Brainfood TV

Brainfood TV is the brainchild of Richie Etwaru, and this funky blog covers a range of areas. Looking at innovation, marketing, technology and other topics, there is plenty going on here that’s worth checking out.

12) Bank Innovation

Banking is something which concerns many and with the progression of technology, its an industry which has undergone a great deal of change. Bank Innovation covers the field expertly and has gained a large following since being launched in 2009. They won the Readers’ Choice in 2012 for being the best banking blog.

Get Reading

Technology is a broad subject, but with these blogs, it is easy to keep yourself in the know and be confident that you’re getting the trustworthy information that you require.